Knitting (Bags)

Contribution from Active Citizens Partnership, Greece 


Knitting needles, Multiple coloured threads, Bag handles, Bag frames, Metal elements, Fasteners, Chains and straps, Insoles, Zippers, any kind of decorating item according to taste.


Basis Knots:

  1. The knitted fabric begins by placing a slipknot in the loop of the crochet hook (although other methods, such as a magic ring or simply twisting the yarn can be used) and pulling another loop into the first loop.
  2. Repeat this process until a chain of appropriate length is created.
  3. You either turn the chain and work in rows, or you connect it to its beginning with a dumb carousel (sliding stitch) and it works in rounds.
  4. Rounds can also be created by working multiple stitches (carousels) on a loop. Carousels are made by pulling one or more loops through each loop of the chain.
  5. At any time, at the end of a carousel, there is only one loop left on the crochet hook.
  6. Like needlework, crochet can be done either flat or in a circle.

Knitted bags

  1. take one wallet clasp and create a basis along with the thread on the clasp.
  2. pass the needle through the thread and create six knots.
  3. continue this process according to the shape you want your wallet to have.
  4. after completing the main part of the wallet, the wallet clasp needs to be added
  5. apply the bag clasp to the sewed material.
  6. using a thin needle, start sewing the bag clasp with the knitted part