CESIE (Italy) – Coordinator

CESIE is a European centre of studies and initiatives established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of sociologist Danilo Dolci. The organisation works in promotion of community development through capacity building and empowerment of individuals through educational initiatives for various target groups with particular focus on vulnerable groups. The organisation is structured into six Units which work in synergy and manage activities in their specific fields: Adult, Youth, Rights & Justice, High Education & Research, School, Migration.

Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service LTD (UK)

Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service LTD is an educational provider and combines this role with community development, support and services. The organisation delivers a range of leisure and employability skills related courses, including ESOL, Interpreter training, Confidence Building and Employability, IT, Arts and Crafts, Belly dancing, Yoga and courses to support NGO’s improve their organisational capacity.

GrantXpert Consulting LTD (Cyprus)

GrantXpert Consulting is a Cypriot-based SME, with extensive expertise in providing training and consulting services to local organisations for European and nationally funded programmes, in implementing research work on entrepreneurship education and in the development of innovative educational programmes in relevant areas.

Active Citizens Partnership (Greece)

Active Citizens Partnership is an NGO based in North Eastern Greece and has office in Athens. The organisation has extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups.

Social innovation Fund (Lithuania)

Social innovation Fund (Lithuania) is non-governmental organisation, established in 1994 to assist people with fewer opportunities and disadvantaged backgrounds to make positive changes in their life through the provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice. To ensure its main mission SIF works closely with various networks and business enterprises.