Paper gift box

Contribution by CAD, UK




  1. Prepare a 27.5cm x 15cm piece of coloured or ornamental paper (no thinner than 100gsm)
  2. Create a grid with 18 rectangles of 5cm x 4.4cm. (There will be some leftover at the end of the paper)
  3. Draw two arches per rectangle in the top row using a roll of sticky tape
  4. Score all lines with a scoring tool or dried out pen and fold along all lines
  5. Make incisions in the bottom row of rectangles and on the side (leftover paper) cutting out the bottom left rectangle completely
  6. Apply PVA glue on other two leftover triangles and let it dry
  7. Fold the lowest rectangles to form the bottom of the box and glue them all together
  8. Punch holes in the top folds, thread the ribbon or a sting and gather all sides together. You can tie a small bell or a name tag on the gathering string. 

“All participants found this craft difficult as it requires a lot of precision and measuring. Some participants had to re-do their boxes a few times. We all had a lot of laugh when things were not going as planned! It was a great way of checking everyone’s manual abilities so I could adjust the difficulty level of crafts planned for future sessions.”