Placemat (Tumbula – Bedo)

Contribution from CESIE, Italy


Fabric, light rope, glue, cotton


  1. Cut the rope (according to how big you want your placemat to be)
  2. Cut the fabric (twice as long as the rope)
  3. Wrap the fabric around the rope for the entire length of the rope
  4. Start rolling the coated rope on itself to create a round table mat
  5. Sew the end of the rope

“This is a Tumbula. This is an object used to put hot things on the table. I made this because it’s used in Africa and in Italy as well: many things are similar and people here can find it useful. It is very unique for me because you can’t find something like this in the market. It tells the story of my personality and history. This is really special to me”