Macramé Plant Hanger

Contribution by CAD, UK


Macramé rope, wooden ring, scissors


  1. Prepare the materials: two pieces of 335cm, four pieces of 240cm and a wooden ring
  2. Hang the ring at eye height and thread the four shorter ropes making sure they are even on both sides.
  3. Thread the two longer ropes on the sides, so the front rope is even with other ropes, and the back ropes are longer
  4. Starting from the longer back rope make twisted knots to the length of 15cm.
  5. Divide the ropes in 3 groups of 4.
  6. Go 30cm down and make 2 flat (square) knots on each group of ropes making sure they are exactly at the same height.
  7. Go 15cm down and take two ropes from one group and two nearest from another and join them with 2 flat knots. Repeat the same process with two other groups.
  8. Measure and cut the finishing rope at 30cm, fold it and keep in one hand.
  9. Gather macramé 15cm below the last knot, add the finishing rope and wrap it around macramé as many times as required, thread through the finishing rope and pull to disguise the knot.
  10. Cut all ropes to desired length.


“I enjoyed macramé sessions. Workshops gave me something to do and helped me feel better”