Cut -Outs: Angels, Christmas Trees and Snowflakes

Contribution from Social Innovation Fund, Lithuania


White paper, coloured paper, pencil, paper clips, sharp scissors, frames for framing work.


Angels, Christmas trees:

  1. Choose a stencil;
  2. stack several sheets and staple them together, cut several pictures at the same time;
  3. We cut the image according to the selected stencil;
  4. Cut-outs can be glued to the window with adhesive tape or placed on Christmas cards.


  1. Choose a stencil;
  2. Fold a white sheet of paper into 4 or 6 parts;
  3. Bend the quadrilateral sheet 2 more times to get a triangle;
  4. Align / round the edges;
  5. Cut out ornaments of the snowflakes with sharp scissors, the finer you cut it, the better the snowflake will look.
  6. Each snowflake is cut differently; no two snowflakes are the same.
  7. A cut-out snowflake can be used to decorate a window, prepare a Christmas card or as a Christmas decoration or it can be just put in a frame and it will be like a picture.


“I’ve always been interested in making cuts and postcards. Very good start before the holidays”

Ramune Ivanauskaite


“I used to see how other people make paper decorations, it is beautiful on windows but I never tried it myself. It relaxes very well”

Danute Gelaziene