My HandScraft Festivals in the UK

Lie 28, 2021News

Like all good things, after 30 months, the project My HandScraft is coming to an end.

To celebrate the project’s achievements and present its outcomes, DCVS staff organised a series of smaller events. Together events attracted 25 participants, both local and migrant crafters.

The project coordinator, Aneta Wujek, presented the project’s aims and outcomes and delivered a simple and fun macrame workshop.

For this project, we have produced an innovative education and training programme to help low-skilled adults with a migrant background use Handicrafts to integrate social and economic integration into society. The Local Workshops delivered across all partner countries brought local and migrant handcrafters together to share their skills. Crafters attending the event were interested in how the coordinators and tutors across the partnership overcame the challenges associated with the pandemic.

Throughout this project’s journey, it has become clear that Handicrafts can bring people together in ways that transcend language barriers, whilst the products themselves still represent an individual cultural heritage. This beautiful balance of intercultural learning and personal storytelling captures the essence of this project and shows precisely why we are so saddened that this project is now coming to an end.